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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Burton, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Burton

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    anyone got an idea how long to smoke catfish andwhat kind of wood is best? Thanks/Burton
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    sorry no i dont but have had it years ago and it is damn good. the guy i would get it from past on and i never found out how he did it.

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    I don't think there is an easy answer. I would use hickory wood or something mild like apple, pecan, etc. The weight of the fish and if it is filleted or steaks or chunks makes a difference in time. Then there is cold or hot smoking if you have an electric smoker. If you are using charcoal or wood and the fish isn't too thick I think maybe 45 minutes to an hour would be a good start. Check to see if the meat is flaky. Some guys also brine the fish prior to smoking. One simple brine is 3 cups table salt, 1 1/2 cups brown sugar, and one gallon of water. Hope this helps.

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    I have smoked fish in an electric smoker (Little Chief), and used the recipies that came with the smoker.

    It was good, but not great...smoking is going to dry out the meat, and there's no getting around that.
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    Burton,Welcome to the boc,Theres a few recipes for smoked fish in the BOC member cookbook,its located in the member special intrest topics,in BOC diner.
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    1 quart water-1/2 cup salt -1/2 cup sugar-1 T garlic powder or to taste - pepper for jerky only-soy sauce to color the water Soak for 10 to 15 minutes-NO MORE.----Rinse---air dry 30 minutes or pat dry. Use whatever wood you have available or use charcoal try to keep the temperature around 125-150 it will take several hours depending on how thick the fish is.
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    In my Electric SmokinTex, I use a standard brine for 8 hours or so. Water Brown Sugar,Salt, then the next am. I take them out and dry off. Then allow the fish to get a haze on them from the brine. Then spray a light coating of Pam cooking spray on them. Then I add black and red pepper to both sides.. Small piece of Pecan wood. Smoke them in my smoker ( Yours may be different) for 4 to 5 hours on fish that average around 1 lb each.
    They come out looking like they have been deep fried. And are moist ( My smoker does not dry out stuff so yours may)as can be. I have people tell me, they have never liked fish other then fried. But after eating my smoked catfish. They would rather have them over fried. Will try my best to get a after shot next batch.
    PS I use cotton string and a big needle run the needle in where the collar bone should be. And use a 3/8" dowel rod to hang them from. Works great.
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    If unedible fish like carp and gar taste good smoked, then I'm very confident that tasty fish like catfish is good smoked. I've eaten smoked salmon, steelhead, bluefish, mackeral ect and let me tell you it just taste the same to me. Salty and smoky!
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    Last summer I smoked a few channels in a smoker with hickory at my dad's house. He got rid of allot of stuff including his smoker.He has since moved near Truman Dam and this coming summer I will be surprising him with a new smoker. Another good type of wood to use is cherry or apple. Cherry might be hard to find but you can look for a cabinet shop or a hardwood dealer and buy a board or 2 and cut it up in to small pieces. Someone on this post mentioned pecan but all that really is is hickory. If you use a large smoker that will accept logs the size of your forearm that helps because the wood doesn't burn up so fast.
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    Gar are not unedible, they are quite tasty.
    I have tried Pete's smoked catfish and they taste great. Not dry at all and a very good flavor.
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    never tried cats but i smoke fish all the time. its done as soon as it flakes(usually about 140 degrees) i can do 1in thick fillets in about a hour, use a steam pan to keep the fish moist. had a friend that went to alaska he told me my smoked salmon was better than what he had there:eek:oooh:. try different woods, i like hickory alot but use others as well. im my opinion pecan does not taste the same as hickory its milder and more like oak(which is great). good thing about smoking is its hard to overcook just remember as soon as it flakes its done:smile2:.
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    pete why did you use string to hang your fish
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    i would like to try some