Smithville Guys???

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    Union, MO
    I live in Union, but my brother is a police officer in St. Joe. We usually spend a few days on the lake during the summre with the kids. My family is originally from Western NY, Lake Erie, Walleye. John is always trying to find info about fishing the lake for the eyes so we get get our father out fishing. Info is very hard to find yet alone people on-line from that area. I seem to have stumbled into a group of Smithville people and was hoping that someone could offer some advise on the walleye fishing, times locations, etc.


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    Hey Mike,
    Don't know much about the smithville lake walleye's as it's been many years since I have fished it. I know cook and several other guys fish there and may be able to tell you. If your ever down south here I do know stockton lake is missouri's #1 walleye lake. If you would like some info about it let me know.
    Best of luck to you!

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    Sorry for the late reply,Mike.
    I don't know much about them 'eyes.Some were being caught along the deeper main points in 15 feet of water last month.The hot bite is trolling along the face of the dam inmarch and early april during the spawn.All that rocky rip-rap seems to be the main spawning area.MDCs electrofishing reports a small but growing population,but most are keepers and many in the 8-10# class.Burtons bait and tackle posts a fishing report on-line,won't be active till spring.
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    The Baitshop that Cook was talking about is online at They are some good people and aren't scared to tell you where the fish are biting.