Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm or .40 S&W

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    Bass Pro has both these guns on sale thru 6-17-07 for $349. Anyone have one of these or have heard anything about them. Sounds like a good price and I've been wanting another pistol for awhile now. I just might get one if I hear a good report on them. Which round would be the best choice?
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    well you should get several different opinions on this one, but ultimately you'll have to choose what works for you. for example i don't like the s&w autos, but love the revolvers. i guess this is more about caliber though- it really comes down to what type of bullets you'll be shooting and what the pistol is for (self defense, plinking, etc). in fmj configuration, i have no faith at all in 9mm, but the knockdown on the hollowpoints is awesome from what i have seen. the hydra shoks from federal and the golden sabres from remington are the only two i have seen 'on game'. i have also seen the golden sabres on hogs in .40 caliber and was impressed on the result.
    as for the sigma, buddy had one that wasn't worth a darn, right out of the box. sent it back to s&w, and it came back equally worthless. he traded it off, and got another one. dang thing eats anything you feed it, and shoots right on. as with any firearm, you have the good ones, and you have the ones that i guess were assembled right before someone's lunchtime!
    just a few things i have seen, hope it helps.
    remember, choose what works for you and your intended purpose. what works for someone else might not do the job you need it to do.

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    Got a .40 Springfield Amour auto that stays with me all the time while on the road, always. My brother has an auto 9mm, I dont favor 9mm nor autos. Im more of a revolver lover. It all depends on what you're buying it for. If you're going with personal protection, Id take the .40 but if you just want to add another to your collection, its your call. I think a better buy is the .40, in my opinion. After you make your decision, show us what you decided on, I want pix. :wink:
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    I carry a High Point 9mm auto pretty much all the time. They've gone up some since I got mine but for the money, its a pretty dang good little gun.
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    I've owned a Sigma in 40 cal. for a couple of years, and really can't fault the thing. It has been extremely dependable, has never failed to shoot anything I feed it including reloads. It's not a Springfield or Kimber, but then it doesn't cost 900 plus either. I would buy another.
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    Grove, OK
    Ok I have to say something one this. $350 for a Sigma is a bit much. I own a Sigma in .40s&w. It has never failed to go bang any time I have pulled the trigger. And it shoots anything I feed it.

    If it was me and I was in the market I'd spend an extra $150 and get a springfield XD40. That way you get a very good weapon and can buy an after market barrel for $150-200 in 9mm for it. That would give a 9mm for target practice and a .40 for carrying.

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    I have both The 9mm is good and the .40 has more of a kick!!!
  8. Guns & Cockpits

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    The Sigma is a decent firearm, but $350 is a bit steep for it. You can find them for around $300 where I'm at, and prices tend to be a bit high 'round here.

    As far as the .40 vs. 9mm conversation goes... with modern day technology in rounds, expansion is pretty much the name of the game, and they've advanced the 9mm round to expand and penetrate with performances that closely match the .40. For the much, MUCH cheaper cost of ammunition for practice, I'd go with the 9mm. You won't be sacrificing much, if anything at all.