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    north carolina
    First of all hello to my neighbors to the north.

    I have been invited to go fishing at SM lake by a friend of mine. I do a lot of striper and catfishing at Lake Norman in NC but know nothing about SML. The timing will be mid Feb. My friend does not do much fishing and is interested in learning all he can.

    I am looking for some advise to striper and catfishing the lake in Feb. Information on better areas, bait, techniques, what to look, hot holes, etc would be very much appreciated.

    If I can repay the favor I have a great deal of information on the Yadkin River chain of lakes and Lake Norman.


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    salem, va
    i've fished sml for years, not real hard but 10-15 times ayear at least.
    there are some blues, but not many. i've never had great luck in the winter on cats. stripers on the other hand can be great in feb. most of the time by feb the cold water has them deep. i vertical jig with bucktails, hopkins shorty spoons and shad swim baits on jigheads. right now they are still running some shad shallow early in the morning then moving deep. look for the gulls feeding and theres ussually a school of stripers under. i have the best luck between hardy bridge and hales ford bridge in the roanoke river side of the lake. if you can catch any shad, live bait on down lines should also be effective. the last time i went to sml in early nov, i found a huge school of stripers pushing shad to the surface, i caught 7 on topwater and followed the school for about an hour before they went deep. most of them were between 10-15#.

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    stripers will be doing there thing when you come.if water is above 40 degrees there will be many fish shallow in 2 to 10 feet of water.however the fish are spooky in clear cold water, but hungry.most of the gurus use planer boards ran close to shore as possible baited with alewifes/small gizzards.troll as slowly as possible.many fish are also caught on3/8 to 1/2 oz bucktails,roadrunners and jigheads with superfluke bodies.make long casts to shore and reel just fast enough to keep off the particular attention around blowdowns as they use these for ambush sites and fishing is usually in major creeks like beaverdam,indian, and grimes creeks which all are on roanoke river side of lake.good fishing can occur after dark also, throw rebel fastracs,or spoonbill minnows or any of the jig lures above,slow retrieve.check out these sites for more good info. the shad taxi and catfishing will be slow very few blues in this lake. good luck!!!!