Smith Mountain Lake 6-4

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    I had a few appointments at Smith Mountain yesyerday and had 1 hour to kill between my last 2. I went to one of the spots I catfish to catch gills for bait last night. The first gill i caught I started to walk down the rocks to put water in my bait bucket, I,ve done this at this place probably 100 times. However I've never done it my dress shoes I had on for work. As soon as my foot touched the first rock I lost it, bounced off the rocks and into 5 feet of water! At least i caught enough bait for last night and still have 6 in the bait tank downstairs:smile2:. Also went to Claytor late last night, 4 stripers about 17-19 inches and 2 small, 1-2 pound, flatheads.:smile2: