Smith lake Trot line advice and information please.

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    Culman AL
    normally when I put a Trot line in Smith lake (Near Cullman) its a Two day process.
    I fish in the evening and put the lines out after dark. Then come over early in the AM and pick the lines.

    So far, not much!
    So I'm wondering if there is a set process for a Trot line in a Strange lake?

    I know they sleep during the day and come up to shallows in the evening.
    I put a Trot line in a Gully, from a Creek that runs all the time. In about 100' of Water. Nothing! Disgusting and a lot of work too.

    Then I went shallow and put the lines in less than 30' and still the bait was on the edge of the Creek, not actually down in the creek bed.
    Still nothing.

    Should I be putting these hooks right up in the 10' deep water along the beach?

    I used Fresh Minnows, Dead minnows, Processed Minnows out of a sack from some fish bait company, some stink bait and the last set was just plain Chicken livers.

    In Catoma lake I did get a few small Cats on Chicken livers.

    What's up? Why not me?
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    yes I would recomend 10ft or less along beach. good idea!

  3. Alabamacatman

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    Phenix city,Ala
    Looks to me that you are trying the right things.Different depths and baits..I would try the shallow water too..We know that the fish have been slow biting the last few weeks.but the most active ones will be shallow...Let us know how you do. Jody
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    smiths sta
    i like the fact that you are waiting till after dark to bait. this should keep the turtles and bait fish at bay. My first question is what is the primary bait fish in this lake. This is what you should be using for bait. A scented bait in a lake will not always be a good choice. There is no current to move the scent down range. second questiion are there and log jams rap ? These are excellent ambush areas for catfish after dark ! Also might want to suspend you bait say 4 to 6 foot off the bottom and pay attention to the moon. In a clear lake catfish can see bait fish much better on a full moon. hope this helps :big_smile: