Smelling abilities of deer

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by shellerflat, May 1, 2007.

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    north carolina
    I was told by a fellow sportsman that once he started getting leaves of the local trees of his hunting area and putting his clothes in a bag with them that his success rate skyrocketed. Is disguising your scent the most important factor for deer hunting? Or can simply baiting near a stand work well enough with food and doe urine?
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    If a deer smells an unfamiliar scent they will spook. I used to do the same thing this fellow told you and my kill ratio went up dramatically.

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    watch the wind, even with cover scent, if they come in down wind they'll smell you. Baiting keeps them around, unless the acorns start falling, I feed year round with 3 to 4 feeders here on my farms and they clean the feeders out just about every day, till the acorns fall, then they almost completely stop using the feeders until the acorns are gone. I use the feeders to give the deer extra food, to have a place to hang my cameras because I like to watch'em, and to have a place to take kids to hunt so they can see some deer and maybe get a shot, but I've never seen a good buck at a feeder during hunting season, get pictures of them at night , but never during the day from the time the bucks shed their velvet till the middle of Jan. Can't figure out who tells them old bucks when to go nocturnel, but they know. I may hunt around the feeders, but not right at them if I'm hunt'n for horns, the does will stay around, so the bucks will be close, but they stay back in the heavy cover and come in down wind to check things out. I like to set up 100 to 200 yards down wind of a feeder in heavy cover to watch for the big boys sneak'n around.
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    regardless of cover scents you must always be mindful of the wind. DONT hunt the wrong wind. I've seen deer at the local gamelands hit my boot tracks from early that morning and litterally jump like a snake bit em in the belly when it got to my entry trail (that was before I bought rubber boots). & I now use a scentlock suit which helped greatly. I've had a red fox & my doe I shot this year go passed downwind of me in a deadfall after circling my position & didnt negatively react when they hit my wind. I contribute that to the fact that they were in a public park I have a twnshp permit to archery hunt in. Im a firm believer in the scent lok suits. I feel from experience that they help to control your scent to an extent. I think it dampens your odor enough that they think you are further away then you really are or that its an old scent trail thats been there awhile. Even with one of these suits you should play the wind.