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    I live in northern MO. I like to fish for trophy catfish and my preferred bait is an 8"-16" carp. I had a commercial fisherman buddy that used to fix me up with them. But, now he has quit and I cant find them. I have called scores of commercial fishermen around the state of MO and they all say the same thing. The law makes them use 1 1/2" mesh minimum in this state that allows all of the smaller carp like I am after to get out. I would be willing to drive quite a ways to pick up a load of these. Does anyone know of anyone that I could get ahold of about this deal. I have spent approx. 100 hours on our little podunk river fishing for them and have only caught around 12. We have next to 0 water up here thanks to the Corps of Engineers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.