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    I have a Abu Garcia Harold (can't read) Signature Rod that is set for 4-8 lb.-5', a ugly stick 6' M 6-15 lb and a rapala RAP COMBO with a6' rod rated at 4-12 lb. with reel rated for 10-90 yds. Are these or would these be good enough for small channels or should I get rid and replace them. I will probably keep the ugly stick but not sure on the others. The rods are all 2 piece,figure if I keep them they may be good for crappie, bluegill or maybe some small channel catfish, what do you all think??
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    Brother Swain;
    Randy, unless you just have to, or want to, get rid of them I think they would work fine for Bluegill, Crappie, ect.
    I pretty much use one size of Ugly Stik or another for just about everything and I agree with you about keeping it even if you should get rid of everything else.
    My advice, they will work just fine for what your planning on using them for. :smile2:
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