Small river catfish in the cold

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by reeftank, Nov 25, 2007.

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    ok here in florida i fish a small river there r 2 dams and a spring river that gos in to it about the center where in the wenter will cats be it is not a real deep riverwill thay stay under the dams ther it some deep water behind the dam the spring river water is 72all year u cant fish in it wood the mouth of it be a good place i know its not much to go on i just asking things maybe some one do something i have not tryed there is no blues or flats just bull and channle
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    I can't place what body of water your talking about from your post,but if you have spring water flowing into a area such as the mouth you mentiond. The water will be warmer at the mouth then the rest of the river. I would tagget that area as well as any areas near that are a bit deep then the main river. In cooler weather they will hold around dams due to the moving water being a bit warmer,however in your case I would say your best bet is the mouth because the water temps will be higher in that area then around the dams. Good Luck.

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    Regardless of the time of year if there is running water at a mouth of a feeder creek it is a great place to target.
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    shane, you don't say why u can't fish the spring fed river, is it access or something else? Also what is the water temp in the other river? If you have 70+ degrees in one and 50+ in the other, I'd be fishing the warmer water. I have no clue what kinds of winter temp you get in FLA. Up here the water is below 50 on the inland rivers and still over 50 in the Ohio I hear. I know that your fish go thru the seasons just like our fish do, they just do them at different water temps. Like up here 41 degrees is an average winter river temp and down there it might be 56. That is still their winter temp and they slow down to conform with the season. The confluence of those two rivers should be a hot spot for baitfish and hungry channels. They might not be in there every day but I can tell you if you put in some hours you'll start to see patterns develope. The channels will follow bait. If you have alot of shad or minnows you'll get cats eventually. If you see bass hitting small fish on the surface thats a good indicator that there is bait fish in the area. Otherwise get some shad or suckers or whatever you can and use it as cut bait with maybe one live bait and see what they prefer to eat. Don't be discouraged if you don't hook any the first couple times. They will come thru in waves every few hours. You just have to be fishing when they come by. I prefer to fish under the dam, right up in the whitewater at the base. Get some big lead and try it. I want to hear back from you if you start catching fish LOL.