Small Reel...Big Performance

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    Until recently spinning reels had to be much bigger than their bait casting counterparts. With advent of high performance spinning reels and braided line it’s a new day! After looking through my fishing closet I found a Shimano custom-x 4000sm reel and noticed this reel could handle 17lb test line despite its small size so I decided I had to replace the line on another reel so I took the 20lb power pro that was on another reel and filled the 400sm with it according to the spool it could hold 300yd of 6lb test and knowing that 20lb test power pro is the diameter of 6lb test line I knew it would fit perfectly. First thing I did was put a 30 yd mono backing on and then fill the reel with the braided line. Once it was filled I placed this reel on a new toy I picked before Christmas a tsunami trophy series rod that’s an 8.5 ft 3pc rod rated for ¾-3oz this makes for a fairly strong yet lightweight outfit that is capable of throwing a 2oz sinker 140yds! This is an excellent pond or lake setup for big channel catfish yet light enough to go after chubs or suckers. This approach can benefit a lot of other fishermen too take any 40 or 4000 size reel and load it with say 20 or 30lb braid you’d have a lightweight reel that can take on just about anything swimming within reason and if you were to go up in size on the reel and line there’s no limit to the applications. Be careful of using too heavy a line though as a guideline I’d suggest looking at the spool and noting the maximum recommended line weight so on most 4000 size reels for example 20-25lb test is the heaviest recommended line now add braid and you could have as much as 500yds of line at your disposal. Get a reel made for saltwater and really have one reel to rule them all. For most fishing applications I would suggest adding a top shot of mono, this can be any lb test you’d like which is another thing I like about this setup since 20lb braid has such a small diameter I can tie 8lb mono and catch bluegills, suckers, or perch one day and the next day add a 40lb top shot and chase stripers or channel cats. If you have a smaller reel just laying around or you happen to find one for sale cheap pick it up grab a spool of braid and give it a try I bet you’ll like it too. Good Luck