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Small flathead catfish on bluegill

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Hi Guys,

Caught a small flathead tonight at about 8:30 pm, he was 17 inches. Got him on a small bluegill. At least I think this is a flattie. Had the square tail. Been over twenty years since I did any real catfishing and just started back this year. But, have not been having to much success.

I did the CPR number on him and he went merrily on his way.

Had another cat squash a 5 inch creek chub I had on, the guts were hanging out and the chub was mangled badly. The fish made a real pole bending run on my Berkley glow stick and by the time I got the rod out of the holder he had apparently ran toward me. I had him on for just a couple of seconds after I had reeled like crazy to get the slack line up from where he had ran toward me and was trying to condition myself not to try and set the hook, since I am trying out the circle hooks for the first time.

I have attached three pix. If this is not a flattie let me know. I cannot recall if bullhead have the square tail or not since it has been so long since I was catching cats.


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Yes that definitely is a flathead, that looked about the same size as my first one, I have been slowly working my way up in size. My biggest so far was only 15# but it was still a pretty good fight. congrats on the flattie
thats a flatty............very nice reel buddy has one of them rods also........i was gonna get one but the guy at the bait shop said the only reason it cost 45 dollars was because it glowed ..........i didnt see the point of that with a clicker............what kinda reel u workin with there looks like my 6500 but a lil that the 7000???
BassMassey said:
what kinda reel u workin with there looks like my 6500 but a lil that the 7000???
The reel is a 6500 CS Rocket. Very smooth. I had two more on order (only in the Pro Rocket version) but the dealer was/is having problems getting them direct from ABU. I waited for two months and then cancelled my order. Apparently they are reels that are not normally available to us here in the states and most dealers have to deal direct with ABU to get them here.

One note, this apparently is one of ABU's furthest casting reels. That is why I ordered it, after doing a lot of research. They have one that will cast further than this one (if I recall correctly) but it is not a level wind with the line guide, I think maybe it is the Mag 10 or something like that. A lot of tournament casters use it.
Nice flathead! I need to try some bream now lol.
Nice catch I still remember my first one it was about that size matter of fact I havent caught one since but ill keep trying.
Nice little flathead. I remember the first one I caught over 10 lbs. Holy cow, I was hooked. Now we don't even take pictures under about 20lbs. Try useing bream 4-6 inches long hooked through the back about midway of the dorsal. Go in about halfway between the dorsal and the spine, this gets into some good meat and bone which will keep them on the hook. They will live for hours this way. I use 6/0 circle hooks. The trick with circles is to not set the hook. Leave it in the rod holder until he bends the rod over really good, then take it out and start reeling, slow at first then once you know you got him bear down. If the fish you had on the other rod was mangled, it was probably a flathead too. They tend to grab the bait, crush it, then let it go. Then they will pick it up and eat it. I have had this happen several times. You will get a hard hit, the rod will jerk like somebody just slapped it, then nothing for a few seconds. then it's on. If you ever get a bream back from a big flatty, it'll be limp as a dishrag where he crushed it. Not sure what lb line you got there but I use 30lb.
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Hey KittyHunter I did not know Flatheads will do that. That I mean about picking up the Bait and hitting it hard then come back and get it. I had a fish Last friday night do that to me with a whole herring. Wish I would have waited 5 minutes.
Normally all the flats I caught tapped the line a couple times then took off, I use a clicker and set the hook. I just dont like circles at all, with the gamakatsu octopus 7/0 I have 100% hook up ratio. I do use eels though and I think they get in their mouth better than a gill, havent had too much luck on gills where I fish. I think they will start working though when the water starts cooling off.
It seems like sometimes they will hit it hard and let go, then you can wait a minute or two and they will pick it back up. At times they will just ease away and the rod tip will just bend over kinda slow. Sometimes they will hammer it and take off. It varies. As far as circle hooks, they only work if the fish swims away from you. They have to try to pull the bait away from the rod or it won't hook. But, if they do, it'll hook them just perfect right in the corner of the mouth every time. I have lost VERY few fish using circle hooks. they are idiot proof almost. You wait until he has the rod bent good, pick it up and start reeling. If you are dead set on using BIG bait, I would use a stinger hook. Hook one near the dorsal, and another near the head since he will try to eat it headfirst most of the time.
Nice little Flattie, they love those gills. I love a good Catfight.
yeap that be a flattie wtg Sentry. Now your hooked all over again. Just like riding a bike you never forget ;)
so they tend to smash it, drop it , then come back for it?? has anyone ever heard that you're supposed to let em run until they stop, then set the hook??
i've personally never tried it because once my clicker sets off i just cant help but to set the hook on them............i think i get too excited sometimes
its hard to resist a screaming clicker lol. I usally and I say usally let them run the 1st time. Then when they come back bury that hook. And hang on !!!! If you can stand it try it. But the sounds of a clicker are just magnetic :grin-big: good luck
I have been letting them run until they stop, then as they start to move again set the hook. Seems to work for me. Although sometimes it seems they just won't stop running, then you just bite the bullet and set 'em. I haven't tried the circle hooks, I think setting the hook is half the fun. Sometimes I have brought in bait that is crushed beyond recognition (guts hanging out, heads only, etc.) and wonder where I went wrong.
Im relatively new to Flathead fishing but this past summer I hit into a couple nice ones on creek chubs. One was 38" and the other decent size was 34". Clue me in on this CPR number? If you will, thanks.
Bucktail, welcome to the BOC!! CPR means Catch, Photo and Release. I do this on anything over about 10 lbs. Plenty of small fish to keep. But that's just how I do it. Hope that's what you were asking.
Thanks whistler, that definatley answers what i was asking.
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