Small creek catfishing

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    KYTRAPPER New Member

    Floyd county,KY
    For small creeks(20' wide or smaller ect.) what set up do you like to use. I have been using a med/light weight spinning reel with appropriate rod, 10 lb test a carolina rig and #4 gama octopus circle.
  2. KingCatBrad

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    Duncan, Oklaho
    Well here in OKLAHOMA I have a couple of creeks that I fish that our around 20' wide and I use the same rigs that I use in the lakes and rivers...... I have caught little one pound sand bass on cut bait with an 8/0 circle hook and half pound channels also on 8/0 circles. The way that I see it (IMO) is that you never know what is lurking under the water so I want to all ways be as prepared as I can b/c if it runs into a lake or river then of course at some point the big cats can and will move up the creek for any reason at all.

  3. sarSWAMPFOX

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    Union, South Caroilna
    The way I set up on the Tyger river in SC is: Preffered casting distance determins my line size , cats here are not line shy at all. If the fish that I'm catching are deep hooking I'll up the size of my hooks. Weight & Rod action determined by current, light enough for fish to move it but not by the current. All days are not the same ,so carry enough tackle for most situations.You might be there the day the big ones decide to travel through. Losing one big fish to light tackle I can live with , but after that I'll be ready for the next one. Good Luck
  4. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I would remend a small baitcaster and med action rod. I like a Abu 5000 and a Ugly Stick Med action rod.

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    well it would all have to do with the size of fish that river holds and the current you will be fishing in. I have one here that I fish that only has channels but does pop some 15+ lbers and in places the current is fast. I use 4/0 to 10/0 kahle hooks with 3oz to 8 oz no - roll all the time. size will differ with the bait i'm using at that time
    I use M/H rods with 40# for all my catfishing better to have to much to be short your next fish maybe your biggest will you be ready I am.
  6. Rhinospawn

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    North Dakota
    I use the same . 4# circle and 15-20 lb line. may go to j hook if catching alot of small ones.

    just depends on depth and such.

    BIG one have been known to SLAM!!! the baits too..