Small boat fish cleaning table.

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    I decided that a master fisherman like myself needed a fish cleaning table on my 14' aluminum boat.

    So using some scrap plywood I made a table that has a single folding leg resting on one of the boat's bench seats. The leg is held in place by a steel pin that fits into a hole in the seat.

    The top of the table is held in place by some wood cleats that fit over the top rail of the boat. The table sloops slightly toward the it will be easier to clean the gook off of the table.

    I have attached an old poly fish cleaning board onto the plywood table top. I also drilled a 1/2" hole in the poly board so that the catfish's dorsal fin would have a place to go...other than into my hand!

    Here are three photos showing the cleaning table.




    Now, if only I had a nice catfish to clean!:smile2: