Smackdown report Lake Monty

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    Today was just a great day weather wise the wind barely blew, it was a little chilly this morning but by this afternoon it was real nice.:roll_eyes: I took some friends from Ohio, it was hard fishing with a bunch of rookies, but despite all the problems and training that took place all day:confused2:. We caught about 25 fish, 3-6 lbs., 1 13lb., 1 15lb., and to top it off with a 25lb fat blue:big_smile:. It was a great day the fish was on so if anyone planning on going to Monty this weekend the fishing good:cool2:. Agian thanks to all the BOC brothers for all the help at lake Monty hopefully we can all hook up and go fishing.:wink: I need to make a trip down to Lake Greenwood and hopefully I can get one of you greenwood Boc bothers to give me a few pointers on Lake Greenwood channels.
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    Sandy Run,
    Very nice catch there Bro!

    Turned all those rookies into BOC wanna be's?

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    Lake Green
    Great catch Tommy. Glad ya was able to share it with friends.:wink: Thats what make fishing fun. Enjoying the catch and sharing fellowship and fun with friends.:big_smile: Good luck in Striper Tourny Sat.:wink: