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Discussion in 'Guns - Blackpowder' started by mcwrestler, Aug 30, 2006.

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    I have had my 870 express and was wanting to get a slug barrel. Instead I bought a new Mossberg 500 with three chokes, one standard vented barrel, and one Slugster barrel with rifle sights. The whole combo cost 250 so I figured it was a steal. I haven't taken it out yet. I love the 870, but is the 500 the same quality and when using the slug barrel what type slug (Brand, weight) should I get, it is a smoothbore slug barrel, and will be used mainly on coyotes and maybe deer this winter.
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    I think I would have bought the Hastings rifled slug barrel for the 870 instead of buying another gun if I just wanted a slug gun. As far as the slugs go you will have to test fire different makes and loads to see what shoots best and groups tighter out of your gun an stick with that. Very seldom will different guns be really acturate with the same load due to factory tolerances in the manufacturing process. I think the Remington is a more quality gun then the Mossburg IMO.

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    i agree with fishhook i dont care for mossberg my buddies had some and had some problems ,kind of seemed like a cheap gun ,sorry, just my opinion.
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    I prefer to use salt when hunting slugs.

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    I have owned a Mossberg 500 for 12 years and I have killed many deer with this gun. I bought the same combo you did and I love it. The gun is a great shooter. I have an 870 also and I would say they are equal in the deer hunting category. I used Remington Cooper Solids for years and had great results, but switched to the Federal Premium Slugs a few years ago. They are using the Barnes X bullets in them. I have mine sighted in at 150 yards and it shoots a group of three at 1 inch low at this range. I have killed deer from 20 to 120 yards and dropped them in there tracks. I think you will like it. Good hunting!!!