Slug gun hunters?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Brian D, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Brian D

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    I have been using a mossberg835 with a slug barrel with good results.Last year my grandpa passed away and I was so blessed to receive his remington 1100 12 gauge.I am thinking of selling the mossberg and barrel to buy a fully rifled slug barrel for the 1100.These barrels are costly,probably all the money from ole reliable would go to 1 barrel.If anybody has used the 1100 with a slug barrels,I would love to hear how you like the combo,thanks for reading this.
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    Would be alright, but for the money you spend on a barrel you could almost buy a H&R 12 guage with a bull barrel they are by far the most accurate slug gun ive ever seen. Put them with lightfeild sabots and they are tack drivin machines

    on the other hand it would mean more to hunt with your grandfathers gun

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    How far are you planning on shooting? I've seen people kill deer cleanly with smoothbores and rifled slugs over 80 yards. Its all in finding what the gun likes, and practicing until you are proficient.

    I know several people that use 11-87s with slug barrels, and they like it. As far as i know, aint much difference in 11-87 and 1100.

    I'm personally not a big fan of selling guns. I've heard too many stories where people have sold them only to regret it later. If you are proficient with the 835, stick with that. You might sell it only to find you liked the 835 better, or shot better with it. I believe in having guns you can use, not safe queens, but a gun handed down like that is a special thing. I'd be too worried about messing it up using it for everyday hunting. Maybe that's just me.
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    I buy and sell guns all the time on an internet gun auction site that is like EBAY only for guns. Its
    I just checked and they have several 1100 slug barrels for sale. One is $75 that the auction ends in three days. I looked in completed auctions to see what the barrels have brought in the past. You should be able to get one for around $100 or so and since its just a barrel and not a whole gun, it can be shipped straight to you without going through a dealer. Good luck!
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    Ive used 1100's with rifled barrels and improved cylinder slug barrels. They will kill deer. If your going to use a scope I'd go with a cantilever barrel. The reciever mounted scopes for 1100's and alot of semi auto's arent too stable in most setups. The steel is rather thin. An improved cylinder barrel with rifle sights for your 1100 shouldnt be too high brand new.
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    Nelsonville, Oh
    i love my37 yr old 1100 i have the smoothbore slug barrel and shoot remington slugs ive killed deer out to about 80 yrds with no problems