1. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    Well we finally got to get the 24 ft. toon out and do some fun fishing yesterday. We've been either prefishing or fishing tournaments so much we haven't got to get out and just fun fish in awhile. We went to Kerr Lake in Oklahoma, it was me Big Sam and a guy at work Sam has dubbed Sir Charles went and it was a slug fest as Sam calls it lol. The first 2 hours I was testing some of looper's rigs then switched over to all baits. We ended up with 2 fish over 10 lbs. I caught one that was 21.92 lbs. on the coffey scales and we caught another on a flagging jug that went 17.83 lbs. We had a bunch between 5 to 10 lbs. and ended up cleaning 45 eaters that made 4.5 gallons of fillets. Other than a couple caught on the looper rigs the bait of choice was skip fillets. All fish came from 2 to 7 ft. water. The fall bite has definitely picked up and should be good from now through March.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Ya gotta luv "FUN" fishin. Ain't nothin like it. Sometimes I don't think we do it enough. Its always the "QUEST" for moby cat that we are on. LOL! Thanx for sharein.