Slow day on the upper Lake of the Ozarks

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    Took my boy fishing today below the dam. Got there around 9:00 to find a "pro-am" bass tournament in full swing. Half of the trailers took up 2 parking spots and there were only a few places on the curb left so I did an equally poor job of parking and went fishing.

    Shad were pretty easy to find, took about 45 minutes to get enough. Went down below the 85mm, anchored for an hour or so with no bites. The new, heavier lead anchor worked like a charm.

    Came back up to around the 90mm and anchored again. I thought something seemed strange when I was bending over to bait the hooks and noticed that we were drifting sideways down the river. Turns out my knot holding two pieces of anchor line didn't hold. So much for that nice new anchor that worked like a charm..

    Went on upstream and found a quiet spot out of the main current, tossed out my other anchor with just 50 ft of rope, it held for the most part so we fished. Caught one about 7 lbs after 30 minutes or so. Then this jacka$$ bass fisherman comes screaming up the river, decides that he wants to fish right behind my boat and does a 180 while still halfway on plane. Nearly swamps my boat, pulls the anchor loose and gets Mr. T's blood boiling. Pulled in the lines, gave the "fisherman" a piece of my mind (I inquired as to whether the professional or amateur was driving the boat, as there was a total lack of consideration. He of course couldn't see that he'd done anything wrong...)

    We turned upriver and started looking for a new place. And like a typical bass fisherman, he was back at full throttle less than 5 minutes after stopping at this "gotta fish it" place. So we went back, anchored again but by then the bad vibes had pretty much put an end to the fishing. Went upstream one more time, found another spot out of the current and fished for an hour or so, catching one that might have been 12 ounces. On an 8/0 Gama circle.

    An important note:Since Truman is basically inaccessible now, all the boats that would have gone up there ended up on the upper LOZ, and since there was no room at the harbor, they all put in at Bledsoe Ferry. The traffic above the swinging bridge was worse today than I've ever seen it, *including* Memorial Day weekend. Big runabouts dragging tubes, jet skis, bass "fishermen" hitting 3 ft wakes at full throttle and *then* slowing down, etc. etc.

    Oh - also forgot to mention that all my shad died within a couple of hours, not sure what I did wrong but the Creek Bank tank failed me today. And then spent almost 30 minutes unravelling a huge rat's nest, resulting from my hair-brained idea to let the boy try to throw out a line, with me forgetting to tighten up the spool brake.

    Should have stayed home I guess... :confused2:

    Hope the guys going down there tonight have better luck than I did!
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    Tough day. If it makes you feel any better, we didn't even get a bite on the river last night. Too bad about your anchor. Better luck next time!


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    Wow. That was not the best trip:eek:oooh: But at least you caught fish and spent time with your boy. Didn't you know that the bass fisherman are the only people that can fish:confused2:, Ya... they chap me off.:angry:
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    Marty don't feel bad theres always someone having a worse day or week or whatever.

    WEDNESDAY- Lost Anchor, rope, chain fittings- Costs $130.00 to replace all

    WEDNESDAY STILL- On the way to buy new anchor discovered trailer tire falling off, studs broken, whell and hub ruined - Covered under warranty but still a PITA to have it fixed on vacation when I was supposed to be fishing.

    SATURDAY NIGHT- Plans to fabricate rod rack fell apart because my fabricator was booked. Decided to go fishing close to home at dark. River had dropped. At full throttle SLAMMED something that I still don't know what it was. There should not have been a dike??????? Scarred up the skeg a bit, it will need filing at least. Tore the #@$% out of all three blades on the prop. Motor vibrates now, I hope that is only because of the damaged prop. -Costs for tonights idiocy???????

    My boat is only 1 month old, bought brand spankin new.

    Hey, were catching fish though.:smile2: