Slow day at Dillon

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    Took two friends up to Dillon Wednesday-put in before the bass tourney they have every Wed and got out before they came back in around dark.I don't know if it was the front that came thru or what but man it was a bummer.Caught plenty of fresh shad-good breeze-I was able to drift where I wanted but just could not get anything going.Drifted almost 3 and 1/2 hours.I caught a 2 and a 6 pounder,missed one other fish.That was it-buddies never caught a thing and only had a couple of small bumps.Other than last Sat.when I took my grandson up when we caught 7 in an hour before the pleasure boats got two bad,we had been catching around twenty fish a trip.Wed was a fishing day not a catching day.Good fishing and be safe.
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    Never can always be easy Ben. Sometimes the fish just seem to suspend an not feeding. Never seems to be a correct answer to the madness that's for sure. Good luck on your next outing!