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  1. turkey buzzard

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    I read a Sportmans Newspaper that mentioned several lakes (3) with a slot limit on Catfish. Basically it's a length rule anything over 34 inches in length had to be thrown back!!! Proposals I understood from the article were being presented for other lakes in Texas!!! Was wondering what others thought of the length issue being regulated?
  2. centexcop

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    From what I read about the proposed regulations, I think it would be a good idea, as long as it doesn't get changed along the way to hurt catfisherman. It appears that the regulation is targeting 30-45 inch blue cats. Anglers would be able to retain one big fish per day. I release almost all of my big fish anyway. I want someone else to have the opportunity to catch a big fish and also allow that big fish to keep producing.

  3. radish

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    I heard on the news yesterday that MS was going to do the same thing for blue catfish. You could keep one fish over 34 inches. They say many fish were being caught and going to pay lakes up north. AL, TN, and AR. were doing the same thing. I am all for it.
  4. poisonpits

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    i think they would work great on big bodys of water but some times they work just the oppisit on small bodys of home lake is only 200 acres and the game and fish put a slot on it bout 10 years ago.all bass between 13 and 16 inches had to be turned back into the lake.after 10 years all the bass under 13 and the ones over 16 have gone to some ones skillet.dont get me wrong id love to see a 34 inch rule on cats.
  5. colten

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    Well the big ones do not taste that good anyway. Let them go to produce more big ones.
  6. cathog

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    Lone Oak Texas
    I would be all for it. I dont keep any fish bigger than about 8 pounds. I usually dont keep those, usually it is 3 and under. The other thing is, I dont like cleaning the big ones, but love catching them.
  7. tiny b

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    This is the first I have heard about this but I'm all for it. The ones I keep to eat are under 5 lbs. anyway. The thrill of the big fish is catching them not eating them.
  8. GMC FishHauler

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    they way i understand it on the slot limit is this
    u can keep up to 25 combined channel and blue cat per person per day.
    all fish must be over 12"; one one of the fish can be over the specified length ( i think it was either 32 or 34 inches)
    this is good in my opinion since it will still let folks go out and catch a mess of fish. It also keeps folks from overharvesting the larger blues that i have seen in a few of these lakes mentioned.
    i have seen folks really get on the blues with juglines, and keep EVERYTHING
    im talkin 3 or 4 fish over 25lbs and 10 over 10lbs
    I have gotten on them good and took home 20 fish that were between 5-15 lbs before and that fed 30 folks at a fish fry with some left over.
    this also gives the angler the option of keeping a badly hooked fish to keep it from being wasted.
    i caught a 34lb blue on waco and would have released but the fish swallowed the hook and had some of its organs coming out the throat when reeled in. i kept the fish and it was good eating but would have prefered to release and have caught several about that caliber and released
  9. james

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    Id have to say that is not true ive been eating big cats my hole life and its all in the way you clean them. You have to hang them cut their tails let them bleed out a while then fillet them out and then cut the dark meat out you cant tell the diff between small fish and big.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a slot limit put on catfish on big bodies of water.