Sloppy reel seats

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by ncfowler, Jul 26, 2007.

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    i guess this area is as good as any to post this tip, I went out and got a new rod and then i put on the reel and found it to have a little play in the seat, Here is a simple fix
    1. get an old bike inner tube and cut it length way and open it up
    2. the with a sharpie trace the foot of the reel on the tube and cut it out.
    3. place the cut tube into the reel seat and install the reel and tighten it up.

    i found this works most of the times you may need to cut the rubber tube a litter longer for some cases.

    I alway have a old bike inner tube in my shed for just such purpose , cut the tube like rubber bands in 1/2" lengtns they make great heavy duty rubber bands.
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    I like this idea. I used to shove rubber bands under my reel on my old Tennessee handle ultra light rod, but I was always having to replace them.