Slipbobber Fishing in river current for catfish, a differen't twist!

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    Hi everyone. I fish the Missouri river here in iowa and as you know the rivers current is swift to say the least between 5/7 mile an hour.And reciently have been doing some exprmenting with a new tactic while i am ancored above the tips of wing dikes fishing the scour holes that the current cuts out just below them.
    First I ancor above the scour hole about 30 yards or so that I have marked fish in and throw my first rod out at the head of the hole with a live bait either a bluegill or skipjack or a piece of cut bait of the same and place the rod in a driftmaster rod holder.
    Now several years ago when catfish insider was still being published I read an artical written by doug stange and his sidekick I think his name was Doc about driftfishing with a slipbobbor in current and useing the long European Slyle rod. Well I bought a berkley 9ft.lightning graphite rod with a fast tip and plenty of back bone(2 piece) put it in the basement hung it on the wall and never used it. Have You ever did something Stupid like that Bought a rod and never had it in the water? Shure did look perty hanging there though! LOL I matched it with a Ambassadeur royal Express bait caster 6.3:1 ratio
    On the channel side of the river above wing dikes the bank has rip rap rock to keep the bank from eroading or washing out, and from past experance I know that they hold catfish but is difficult to fish with all the snags from the rocks when fishing on the bottom with a slip sinker rig.Now I am 30/35 yards above the wing dike and also about the same distance from the rip rap bank.
    The river is between 14/18 ft. deep in most places along the bank on the channel side above the wing dikes. so I rig my slipbobber aproximatly 10/12 ft. above the bait useing a bobber stop and a bead and at the tag end of the line I place a swival and tie on a looper rig the one with a trebble hook, and then 3 #1 split shot to hold the bait down but it will still bounce off the rocks and the bobber(6in large bulsa float) keeps the bait moveing along and covering the lenght of bank. I Bait it with Magic bait Premo I hold the rod high with the bail open as to keep the rig running along the bank and close to thr rocks cause thats where them Bad Boys are hidding, and if the rig happens to get snagged I just give it a little pop with the rod held high and most times it comes loose.I work it down the bank and along the front of the wing dike and then retrive it and make two or three more passes then its useaully time to move any way. I have had EXCELENT Success with this catching some real nice channel cats useing this method.
    Now a fue more things I have learned about this approach, unlike fishing danny kings on the bottom in current. It will stay on the looper rigs much better because the bait is moveing with the current as apposed to being stationary an the bottom and washing off due to the force of the current against it.
    Now the BAD NEWS there is a slight problem sometimes when fishing by yourself! As you are fighting and trying to land a fish on your slipbobber set up,your other rod loades up! you remember the one with the big old live bait at the head of the scour hole.What to do? Put the slipbobber rig in a rodholder and grab the live bait Rig cause it could be a Bigun, or hope you have that driftmaster holder screwed down good and will it hold till you get the other fish in the boat or what? Man there Ain't nothing simple any more is there! LOL
    Give this a try its a blast, Also I think the slipbobber rig would work good with fresh cut bait to,but i'v been haveing so much fun with the hog wild Premo I haven't tried it yet.I also think one of them cat bobbers the 21/2in size one would work bitter than the balsa float and easier to see. I have ordered some and will pick them up at the national gathering and let you all know the results OK.
    See all of You at the national Gathering. can't wait it's going to be a BLAST! Your Friend and BOC Brother J.D.Straka :big_smile:
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    Hehe, great story there brother. It was a fun read. Makes me want to head down to the river right now...

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    The fish under the float will usually stay hooked and maybe out of obstructions. When I get one on my float line and one on my bottom rig, I always go for the one on bottom, he's got a few more obstructions to hang up on. Either way you go, though, its a potential mess.
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    I know a few places that your idea might work, next time I get a chance I'll see what happens.
    Thanks Loop

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    Looks like ya thought this one through all the way John. Good post. Got some spots on my river that fit the bill.
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    Thats a good post and it might work in the swift water below the dams on the ohio river, I'll have to try that but I don't need the stress of two rods going at the same time with other lines out and an anchor rope.