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    For the ones that have not looked at, We have 8 different sizes of slip floats for catfishing. They start out with a 2 5/8" round X 2" tall one Each one has instructions of how to tie bobber stopper. Also comes with a molded in hole for our Glow Sticks. Just insert a glow stick and your ready for night fishing.
    Sizes are 2 5/8" Round X 2" Tall then 3" tall, 4" Tall and 5" tall. Can make them taller on request.
    Then we have the Bigger Fat Kat Bobbers, I use these while fishing out of the boat at Pickwick. Pull up and cast behind the boils and let them hang out there. I use a 3oz sinker tied in a 5 or 6" tag line. That goes to a 3 way swivel. Then a 3ft leader for my snelled hook. This rig is killer on Catfish and Striper's also. Keeps your bait up above the hangs. Works out great with a 12 or so Shad or Skipjack on there for bait. I use the 5" model for this. But have been using some 8" tall by 3 3/4" ones for rough waters.
    If you have not tried this out, its a killer way to fish up over the hangs.

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    that seems like it might work well