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  1. catfish1516

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    Reidsville ,North Carolina
    How do you rig those giant slip bobbers you use for catfishing and what is the best bobber. Illustrations willl help.
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    I make the KatBobber that you hear about here on the BOC and I am a Sponsor on here. Go to the link below and click on it and it will take you to our website and I have an illustration on that page showing you how we rig it for fishing suspended fish. Check it out and if you have any questions just post them here on this thread and I will answer you here

    Gene Chambers
    Maine-Wolf Products

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    Well to rig a 8" Betts Billy Boy slip bobber I buy from wal mart for 3.00 and a 3" glowstick for .97 cents. On the package there is step by step instructions, First open everything up, then take the little plastic tube from the package With the slip knot slide it on the line first before the hook or anything, then take your finger nail and remove the tube from the slip knot, then pull the two line's of the slip knot snug, then put the smaller of the two beads that came with the bobber, then if you want to fish at night open the glow stick package and remove the rubberband looking thing inside slide it on your bobber over the top about 1.5" or 2" you will see a wire looking thing inside the bobber at the top of the bobber bring the line through 3 feetor so , Pull the wire through the bobber all the way and remove the wire from the line, slide a .5 oz egg sinker and the bigger of the two beads, tie on a swivel at 15" leader of what ever your main line is, a hook then it's time to adjust the bait to what ever depth you want, using the slip knot slide it up or down on the line When you have it where you want it tie two overhand knots line over then tight and then over again and tight then snip the extra line as close as you can to the knot. Then when your there and it gets dark you just snap the glowstick the slide it in the holder on the bobber.

    Hope this help and good luck Shelby
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    I gave up on those ties that come with the floats. Even bought a bunch of the packages of them alone. Never could get the knots tight enough. Now, I just use a piece of 30 lb mono, overhand knot with 5 or so loops back through the knot (not the main line, but the knot loop itself) and draw tight trim the loose ends. Then, slip on a beed, the float, another bead, a swivel, leader, and my Gamatsu 7/0 hook. Bait her up and let her rip. Don't have to use a leader, but I like to. The floats are not cheap and hard to find around here unless you order over the net. Too many salwater folk and all they buy is the popping corks, so Wally World doesn't sell the big stick float, neither does Academy.
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    Check out our sponsor Maine-Wolf Products They have some of the best floats and sure work good.
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    I also use the Maine-Wolf bobbers. I've been using 2 of the slip-knot bobber stops, then a bead, then the bobber. I fish them up to 60 ft. deep. My last 4 big blues came using this method.
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    I have purchased the katbobbers from akwolf41, use them quite often. With them comes instructions on slipknot ties or you can purchase premade bobber knots at your local wally world, which work just as well. Just make sure you buy the right size.
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    check out the library there are some really good tips in there they helped me out tremendously!
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    the balsa floats by eagle claw and a glowstick

    BIG GEORGE New Member

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    Hey, Big George, thanks for the reference to the video.

    I'll add my kudos to the others for the teflon tape idea. This idea is outstanding, and is far cheaper than those expensive rubber stops you could buy in the store. Why, teflon tape comes with every faucet you buy! :big_smile:
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    Ahh..those good ole Big George Productions....
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    Floats are an excellent way to fish. I rig up 3 different ways using flooats and for 3 different situations.
    The first way is to use a slip cork. If you are using a pre-tied bobber stop knot slide it on your main line first and remove the plastic part and discard pull both tag ends but do not tighten or remove tag ends yet now slide on a bead then your bobber then a slip sinker of your choice then another bead then tie on your swivel of choice. Now tie your leader ( I use 8 - 12 inch for this ) and the hook of your choice. Now slide the stop knot to the depth you want to fish and tighten and trim the tag ends. Plumbers tape also works great for a stop knot and this is what I use most. This rig can be fished many ways. You can drift this rig with the current or with the wind. You can use this rig to drift fish in the boat and can also be used to fish straight down in the trees or snags to a set depth It can be used in alot of situations. I like the cat bobbers that I purchased from Main Wolf products.
    The second is using a crappie or what I call a cigar float on a drift fishing rig. There is a lot of different ways to make the sliding sinker but this is how I do mine. I use 30 lb. on the main line and 50lb. test for my leaders but for the slide sinker leader I use 15 lb. test. Tie on a snap swivel small enough that it will not slide past your swivel when it hits it. then tie a 2 oz. bell on the other end try to keep this leader between the sinker and the snap swivel 2 to 3 inches long. ( the shorter the better ). Now make your leader 18 to 24 inches long and tie on your swivel then slide on the cigar cork then tie on the hook of your choice. Now peg the cork in place 5 to 8 inches from the hook. Now put the snap swivel on your main line between your pole and the swivel on your leader. The snap swivel should slide down the main line and stop on the swivel on the leader. As you drift along the 2 oz. bell will be all that actually comes in contact with the bottom and depending on how far you pegged the cork from the hook and how long your leader is will determin how far your bait is suspended off the bottom. Usually the only thing that hangs will be the sinker and that is why I use light line for the sinker drop so it will break easily and not cause me to lose a fish from being hung. These cigar corks can be purchased at Walmart. And work really well.
    The last way is to rig the same cigar cork but in a different way and for a different reason. It is rigged in a basic carolina rig by sliding on the sinker of your choice onto the main line and then a bead if you choose to use one. Now make your leader 18 to 24 inches long and slide on the cork and peg it 5 to 8 inches from the hook. I use this rig if I am fishing a very soft bottom or in silt or a bunch of leaves to keep the bait suspended up above the mud or trash.
    This is three ways that I use corks It may not be the best way but it is how I use them and it works for me.
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    BIG George that was a good vid. and the bobber's from WOLF are nice and will order some i have found some other's that work well to they are called Bobber With Out A Brain i dont think i can but live link's on here but just put in the word's in goggle and it will take you there that is MY own thinking i will be getting me some of the Wolf bobber's :cool2: