slip bobbers for blue catfish on the James River in Virgina? Have you tried?

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by p_strouth, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. p_strouth

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    Louisville Tn
    Has anyone tried slip bobbers for blue cats on the james ???
    I'm planning a trip up there mid Jan. tring to figure out what tackle 2 bring.
    What about circle hooks???? :confused:
  2. gottafish

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    Haven't used slip bobbers so I can't help ya there.

    If you look at a conventional hook, it looks a "J", hence the name "J" hooks. Circle hooks form more of a circle instead of a "J" and the tips actually come around and point right back at the hook shank. Their purpose is to help eliminate gut hooking by actually being pulled out of the fishes "gut" when pressure is applied (because the point of the hook can't grab ahold of anything) until it comes in contact with the fishes jaw. When that happens the hook turns in the corner of the mouth, the point grabs, and you're off to the races.

    You actually DO NOT set the hook when using circle hooks. When you get a run, point the rod at the fish, reel down until you feel the fish and then raise your rod tip to put pressure on the fish. Only at this time could you add a "pump" or two to help bed the hook. You MUST give the hook time to reach the corner of the mouth, turn and bite before you do so though. Otherwise you will most likely miss the fish.

    Circle hooks WORK!! There is a multitude of different types. with different throat sizes and configurations. Take a look at the Owner SSW in 9/0 or 10/0. These are the hooks I personally favor. Others may have some additional suggestions.


  3. tank3544

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    just my opinion .. but i'd leave the bobbers at home

    i use bobbers to cover more water during the summer when fish are not so easily located

    during the winter blues pretty well stick to structure .. if you can find the structure you can anchor on it and catch all the active fish in the hole in 20 minutes or so .. then move on and repeat

    rinse lather repeat
  4. Swampy

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