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    Original post made by Robert Plemmons(Rango) on July 26, 2002

    To rig a slip cork the first thing you need to do is put a knot on the line that will slip up and down the line. Walmart sells these knots with about ten in a pack,, you slide the plastic sleeve on the line and remove the sleeve and pull both ends of the knot and that tightens it up. Trim the loose ends. make sure to put the knot on tight. actually i usually put two knots on to stop the occasional slippage. with these knots comes a little red bead. after the knot put the bead on the line. this bead slides up the line to the knot and stops the cork at the depth you want to fish. The corks i use are the ten inch corks, they have a black bottom and a florecent top. They are also at walmarts. after you put the knot,, the bead and the float on, put a one ounce egg sinker, then a bead and then tie to a heavy duty swivel. then I tie a 5/0 circle hook on the line with about an 18 inch leader. after you get it all rigged up,, and you are set up on the water, set the knot on the line to the depth you want to fish. I use 7ft ugly stick tigers and from the tip of the rod to the reel is about six ft. so i use the rod as a rough measure to set the knot.when you throw it out the line will slip through the cork toward the bottom till the knot pushes the bead against the cork and stops the sinker at the depth you want to fish. with a one ounce sinker this will make the ten inch cork stand up. if the sinker dont stand up,, then reel in and reset the knot as the sinker is on the bottom and not swinging under the cork making it stand up. you can set the bait at any depth you want to with this method. I like to set it a couple feet off the bottom. this is a great way to fish if you loosing a tackle due to hangs. I seldom hang using the corks. Keep in mind this rigging works best on a sorta stiff rod as its on the heavy side and a flimsy rod will not handle the weight involved in casting it out. at first all this will seem akward to you but you will get used to it real fast once you see how effective it is. OK,, now when setting the hook,, when i see the cork go under,, i give it a few seconds,, then pick the rod up and start reeling. DONT SET THE HOOK. the circle hook will do its job if you let it. Before,, i was using the J hooks and when the cork went under id try setting the hook the old way,, with a good tug, and id miss a lot. After i started using the circle hooks, id take my time gettin the rod and reeling till the fish put pressure on the rod and id have him. resist the urge to set the hook with the circle hooks. Fishing with corks is exciting. I love seeing them dissapear under the water also you will spend more time fishing and less time rerigging with corks. These corks are good at night to. if you get some reflective tape and put a strip around the top of the cork, you can see these corks at night as far as you can throw them if you got a lantern in the boat. they seem to glow on the water and its very easy to see when one goes under with lantern light. all the things i mentioned above can be got at walmart. On the corks, dont get the weighted corks as you cant put much weight on the line and it takes too long to get the bait to the bottom,, the one ounce weight will get it down real fast for you.