Slip Bobber Rig for Catfish

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    Original post made by George Ostrom(Katfishn50) on May 29, 2004

    Rig up in the following manner. On your main line,bobber stop knot,bead,slip float(size is optional I use a 6inch cigar)bead,barrel swivel,leader,hook. A slip weight or some split shot is optional between the slip float and second bead if needed to keep bait down in current,the weight is best place just above the barrel swivel. The bobber stop knot is adjustable,it slides up and down your line as needed to adjust the depth you want to fish at.It also will go onto your reel with no problem when retrieving the line. Scenario,you are gonna be fishin in 8 feet of water,adjust your bobber stop knot so you have that depth or just a little less from your stop knot to the hook. Bait up and toss it in the water. Work in and around cover and rocks Etc. When ya get a strike the fish will pull the line to the point that the stop knot won't go through the bobber and the bobber goes down. Results, hung fish and enjoy the ride! Here is a pic of a bobber stop knot. I hope this helps some here on the board.