Slip Bobber (Easy Made )

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    After playing around with several Bobber's this is what I came up with, I hope this will help you if you decide to use it

    Material List:

    1ea) 1/2" pvc cap

    1ea) 1/2" pvc threded cap

    1ea ) 1/2" pvc male adaptor

    1 pc ) 1/2" pvc your choice (5",7",9", or 13")

    1 pc ) of noodle ( 4",6",8",or 12" )

    Reflector tape ( so you can see it at night)

    Assembly Instructions

    Drill a 5/64" hole in the ceter of each cap

    Glue the cap onto your pvc

    Now push the pvc through the noodle

    Now glue the male adeptor onto the pvc

    Now screw your threaded cap on and put the reflective tape on if you choose to use

    Step by Step Installation

    1) Put a bobber stopper on your line

    2) Next place a glass bead onto line

    3) Now unscrew the cap on your float and thread your line through it and put the cap back on

    4) Now slide your weight on your line

    5) Now add another bead and tie your swivel on the line

    6) Make your leader and tie it on

    7) Now go fishing
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    Another simple way is to get a thick straw the next time you are in the 7/11 store. drill a comparable hole in the noodle apply glue and insert the straw. works great and very cheap.