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    I cannot send you an email though this web site, I do not have enough posts, but if you PM me with your email address I'll email you.

    I have never fished Lake Livingston for flathead. I do know of some people who used to go on a regular basis. They always came home with stories of 80 plus pound fish. They would fish the flats with trotlines with the hooks just off the bottom. They would use no bait, the fish would foul hook themselves. Once they caught one on a line they would leave 3 or 4 hooks in that area and remove the rest. Non-productive lines would be taken up and moved. They claimed that the fish used the same trails all spring and they would continue to catch fish that way for several months. If you are wanting to rod and reel, I could see that that would be a great way to locate the fish and then fish the fish trail so you could stay out of non-productive water. A man on my home lake of Ivie catches big fish just past the concho river bridge in the spring although most like to go up Elm Creek and fish along the rock bluffs. I fished for flatheads for most of my life in the Colorado River. I changed over to jugs for blues and am just now starting to try to learn how to set trotlines on lakes. People are starting to run my drop lines and jugs too much and I can keep my trotlines hidden.
    A friend of mine that lives on Lake Ray Hubbard went with an elderly man last year. He fished around a big dead tree stretching trotlines to form a square around the tree. His bait: Chicken livers seasoned heavily with Lowry's Seasoning Salt. Catching lots of 50 plus pound fish. Showed him a 93 lb fish one day.
    I am considering bringing my new duracraft center console with me to Tennessee this summer. My in-laws retired there several years ago near Smithville. Center Hill Lake is about 10 miles away and the Cumberland River is 8 miles away just outside Carthage. Would like info to help me catch fish in that area. (Blues and flatheads) I want to have a fish fry for the family before I leave.
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    I just sent you a PM man.