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    I posted most of these pics but figured it would be easier to view a slide show instead of clicking on a bunch of different pics.

    I took some pics of the snow last Thursday on 1-31-08. The first group is on the way home after work. Shows a few from the community I live in and a few of what the town is named after. We ended up with just about 2 1/2 inches but it was a real wet snow and was sticking to everything. I know a lot of you up north are tired of seeing the snow but it's getting to ba a rarety around here. It was the kind of snow I like though, here today and gone tomorrow LOL.

    The next bunch shows a few pics from around the house.

    The last bunch is of my 3 dogs and our lazy cat. I have two rat terriers and the one named possum is a good squirrell dog. The one called Shasta someone dumped at work when she was a pup. She has webbed feet and a lot of lab traits, loves water and was enjoying the snow.
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    Great pics Johnny! :cool2: Thanks for sharing!:big_smile: Looks like you will be breaking out the ice fishing gear soon! :wink:


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    nice 777 , very nice . liked allof it it was beautiful , i really liked the bridge and damn pic . the partners in crime was a good one too :smile2::smile2::smile2:
    the deer xing i got too get one of those :wink:
    thanx's for share'n .