slanted bottoms on treestands?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by stinkbaitman, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. stinkbaitman

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    south dakota
    hey guys why do some ladder stands have slanted floors and seats?
    i hunted in a new one the other night and dang near fell out from losing my balance. but whats really the point?
  2. Jesse168

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    Memphis, Tennessee
    I make all my ladder style deer stands where the platform is slanted toward the tree it is attached to. This allows me to lean back against the tree and gravity makes sure my butt doesn't slide toward the front of the tree stand.

    The platform slanted toward the back makes for a lot safer tree stand. If you decide to use it as a standing stand you will always have the slant in your favor instead of having to worry about leaning too far forward on a forward slant platform....especially if you left it out over night and ice formed on the stand.

    Can you imagine trying to use a stand that is iced over with a forward slant? lol You would be on the ground in no time without using the ladder.


  3. flathead willie

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    Mine are both flat platform with expanded metal. The only time they lean is if the bottom of the ladder is too far from the tree.