Skunked on Mnt Island

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    Well , I went to Mnt Island on Labor day and fished from 7:00PM to Midnight. The lake cleared of traffic real fast and there were hardly any boats after 8:00. I started ustream just down from Mcdowell creek and drifted in 10 to 30 ft of water on the main channel most of the evening. I quit just past the water intake area. I caught one small blue but he wasn't even a keeper so I still feel skunked. I fished with shad. I saw a lot of markings on my fish sonar that looked like schools of bait fish but never got any strikes. I saw a lot of markings in the area of the Hwy 16 ramp and I fished that area some right after I put in but I got nothing. It was a beautiful night and the moon came up late. The fish just didn't want to cooperate.I appreciate all the advise, it really helped me feel more comfortable fishing new water. Joel
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    Sorry to hear that you didn't do well.