Skunked on Allatoona again.....mostly

Discussion in 'LOCAL GEORGIA TALK' started by bradley_G, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. bradley_G

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    Woodstock, GA
    Went out to allatoona today for a few hours right before and after sundown, fishing the victoria marina. Fished minnows, cut and live, and couldnt get as much as a twitch on the line. Did catch, after all but giving up, a small bass that weighed about the same as a double cheesburger from McDonalds, so at least there was something on the line before I left but, certainly not what I was looking for. Water level was down quite a bit from last time I was there, wouldnt advise any bank fishing for anyone interested in going. I'll probably try little river bridge tomorrow, unless weather prohibits. Anyone having ANY luck up in this part of the lake?
  2. Creteus

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    Loganville, GA
    I hate to hear that, but I've been there many timesover there on the dead sea:sad2:

  3. armyfisher

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    sorry to hear the fishing sucks brother, you would think they would be hitting pretty good right around now anyways with the winter coming temps dropping. i had some good fishing this time last year all the way into december. We wouldn't catch as many but quality wise was great. The other thing that stinks that i've noticed is that the colder it gets the less likley the fish are gonna give ya that hard hit we always like to see. they sleep on it they'll eat it but sit there until you go to reel up and hey theres a fish on here. Well mabey thats just the fish here in augusta/ft. gordon. well hope ya have some better luck next time. if ya got any kids make them say the fish prayer before ya head out always have some good luck when i make my 2 yr old say it. all ya gotta do is make up something, and it works, take care brother and keep catching um:big_smile: