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skunked at Santee Cooper

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Afternoon Brothers. I just returned from a weekend of being outsmarted by every fish in Santee. Some fellers in my group had some nice catches, I think the biggest one went about 32#. Friday night I had some decent strikes but nothing in the boat. The water was really moving in the canal. Saturday we fished the upper lake around the dam concentrating on humps adjacent to deep holes. Nothing. I tried drifting the canal. Nothing. My motor broke down on me saturday night. Fresh out of the shop too. I had a very smelly batch of stink bait made up. I just knew this stuff would produce fish. Nothing. Oh, well can't catch em' all the time. The important thing is I had a great time, without causing damage to person or property. The folks at Black's Camp were awesome. I may try to go back sometime next month if I can get my motor running.
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I'll second that e-motion, Jim. In fact, I plan to go to Moultrie later this week if the weather settles down a little.
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