Skunked again.

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    August 17th. I picked up my brother at 07:55 and drove to our bank fishing spot on the river. We got our lines in the water around 08:45.the river was clearing up, slow current, slight breeze but still very warm. Our friend once again gave us some fresh gizzard shad that we started using for bait. All of our rods were baited with the fresh shad. My brother got one hard tap on the shad all the time we were fishing. 10:15 I got a light tap on shad oil seasoned chicken breast, might have been a turtle.

    For our efforts I got three light taps and my brother got the one hard tap; that was IT! We packed it in at 12:00 and headed home very frustrated. We just can NOT understand why we are not getting a decent BITE at all with the fresh Shad or any other bait! I just do not know if there are any fish left in that location.
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