Skunked again!

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  1. stonemaster

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    versailles, ky.
    What am I doing wrong? I went out on the Ky. river today for 6 hours. I used live shad, cut shad, nightcrawlers, catalpa worms and live minnows. I fisfed in deep holes, creek mouths, and because there was a good current, a worlpool type area. The water tempature got to 50 today for the first time this year. Anyone who can give me any suggestions I would greatly apprechate. Thanks.
  2. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    Don't feel too bad, Darrell - I've been skunked the last 5 times I've been out :sad: Hang in there, and we'll be onto some fish pretty soon :thumbsup:

  3. RIP

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    Somerville, Tennessee
    I think all that different bait you confused them. LOL I dont know the last few times I went out I got skunked too. It want be to long before they start hitting I hope.
  4. Ace

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    Gastonia N
    I got skunked on Sat my grandson and I went to crappie fish for a while.
    He caught 3 good crappie and good 3lb channel cat I did not catch any thing.

    Ace :cat:

  5. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    move to a different area. i found fish yesterday by accident in a area that i never fish that much because there is no current in the area. i like to fish them whirlpools too but the fish didnt like them yesterday. we get in the habit of fishing the same old hole that we caught them good fish in a while back and the fish have moved to a better hole. i dont think the fish stick to a hole like the man fishing the hole.
  6. gettin'fatter

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    happens more than I care to admit. frustrating. I try to keep a "sure bet" whole I go to even if it means fishing for small fish.
  7. BoCaHoLiC

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    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Sorry to here that Darrell. It sounds like your water temps are warming up though so thats good.

    I assume your fishing a river? Do you use electronics to locate fish (depth finder, fish finder)? I think the fishfinder would work wonders this time of year when cats tend to not be as active. Finding them and throwing a chunk of bait right in front of their nose may be more apt to induce a bite.

    If you have any local bait shops around the water your fishing, its worth asking if anyone is catching anything and where. The areas you mention sound like prime cat spots. If it were me I'd focus on deeper holes for now and maybe try downsizing your bait.

    Here are a couple of articles I located in the BOC Library.
    Winter Catfishing For Channelcats

    Bluecats In The Winter

    Icefishing For Cats Good info on locating cats in colder water.

    Hope this helps ya out some. Good luck!