Skunk is gone.

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by wallerus, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Went out around Surrey and Jamestown island last night. Got a bunch of small channels. It was pretty hit and miss all over until about 7 am in the wash from the powerplant. For about 1 hour the bait wouldn't even hit the bottom before a strike. No big ones but it sure was fun and a perfect night. Baits were cut shad, live eels and squid. Shad did nothing but stink up the boat and feed the crabs. Live eels were a waste and cut eels got the 2 bigger ones about 2-3 lbs. Most were caught on squid. Yah they were not big 1-2 lbs, but after seeing how the bite was going we broke out the ultra lite tackle. Fight a 2 lb channel on 4 lb test, that can be exciting.

    All in all not a bad night. Good weather, good company and no skunks.

    Once the boy gets some new tires on the trailer we'll be trying farther up river.
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    Congrats Stephen on a night of catching. Its always a good feeling to get the skunk off ones back.:wink: