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    collins mo
    Anyone catching skipjacks on, Missouri river, and has anyone ever caught,
    skips on Osage below bagnel dam.,
  2. Mr.T

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    I never hear folks talking about skipjack on the missouri, but they do catch a lot of goldeye behind the wing dykes. I keep forgetting to take a light pole with me so have yet to try my luck on them.

  3. just cats

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    Leslie Missouri
    Jim, I have caught only a very few skipjacks on the Missouri, not enough to mention hardly but you asked about below Bagnel. I haven't been down there in several years now but I used to fish right below the dam for white bass and hybrids. If you are familiar with the place then you know about the sand/gravel island just below the dam that is sometimes out of water , sometimes under water depending on how much water they are letting loose at the time. I used to anchor about halfway between the island and the dam and cast jigs for the bass. While I did this I sometimes put a lure on another pole, usually a small minnow type or shad imitation , something with a lip . I'd cast this pole out behind the boat , downriver, towards the island and just put it in a rod holder. The lure would have all kinds of action from the current pulling against it and a few times I actually picked up an extra white bass or two this way. And more to the point is occasionally I would catch a skippy on it, sometimes several. Back then I was ignorant of the fact that they were great baits for cats , boy I wish I'd known ! But I didn't , so I tossed em back in.:roll_eyes: Anyway, you might want to give it a go and see what happens. You might have better luck pulling up on the island and working along the bank casting for them, guess you'll figure out what works best. Hope they are still there, been a long time. I bet they will be there yet though as I think they were there for the wounded shad that come through the tubines whenever they generate. I'm sure that's what drew the white bass and the hybrids there.

    PS, If you aren't familiar with it you can't miss the island, provided it's not under when you are there. Also, if you aren't familiar with it, pay attention to the warning horn they blow when they are going to let out water. Sometimes they let out a lot really fast and the current will go from almost dead still to a torrent in a matter of minutes. One more thing.If they aren't generating at the time, you might as well go fish the lake cause nothing will be biting below the dam . They turn on and off with the current flow from the dam. Hope you catch some.
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    Around Omaha skipjack(herring) are plenty. Sometimes they are easy, sometime have to spend too much time to just get a few ya never know.
    I used to allways use worms, but now only use small shad and find them best bait ever for herring. Sabaki doesnt seem as productive as shad heads.

    Best place ever found for shad is protected marina's (least right now). Follow wind to bank as they are plankton eaters and follow the waves. Catch many stripped bass right next to bank there also.
    Sometimes get days bait right at load ramps too-never know.