Skipjacks Cured for Catfishing

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    Orignal post made by Jerry Trew(Jtrew) on September 16, 2002

    Curing skipjack and extracting skipjack oil:

    Last April (2002), my daughter and I went to Pickwick Dam and brought back a couple of hundred pounds of skipjack. After filling up all available freezer space, I still had 6 or 8 skipjack left, so I tried an experiment. I filleted the skipjack, cut the fillets into bait-sized pieces, and ‘cured’ them, just like I do chicken livers. The results looked pretty good, so I put them into a Ziploc bag and put them in the fridge. I didn’t get around to trying them out till the end of June. When I looked at them, I was amazed! They had gotten even tougher, and they were so oily that there was a big puddle of oil in the bag. This oil is very sticky; it won’t wash off in water, and it makes a great attractant. The cured skipjack seemed to word very well in Lake Dardanelle, on the first day of the trip, but the rest of the time we were drift fishing below the dam, and the cured chicken livers were outfishing everything else, including fresh shad. When I made that first batch of cured skipjack, I left the skin & scales on, but the meat toughened up so much that next time, I’ll remove the skin, too. I’ll also rig up a way to drain off the oil into a separate container.