Skipjack ?

Discussion in 'LOCAL TENNESSEE TALK' started by Stump Grinder, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Stump Grinder

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    South Carolina
    Hello from SC.
    Can you buy skipjack in Tenn. or do you have to catch them? If you can buy them where is a good place around memphis?
    Thanks SG
  2. rwilley3

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    Brighton, Tenne
    If you are just looking for a few to fish with they used to sell them at Frayser Bait shop. They sell them at the lake store out at Glen Springs Lake north of Memphis. Also the last time I was at Memphis Net and Twine there was someone who had a card on the board with some for sale. I know nothing about the quality of them however. If you are looking for enough to freeze and keep you would be better off trying to catch them at one of the steam plants now or below some of the dams in the spring on the TN River.