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  1. Team Hold EM Hook

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    We are going on a road trip this weekend and were wondering if there was anywhere we can catch skipjack near I-20 on the Mississippi River from the bank
  2. patrickgd

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    Memphis TN
    Not familar with that area but I can tell you they are hard to come by around here. If your really determined I'd suggest going on Google Earth and locating a dike that can be accessed from the bank, fish the tip with Sabikis. I'll tell you though dikes are very rough for walking and will put you to the test big time.

  3. coach

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    Greenville , Ms
    that is a tough one joe ............ skips are hard enough right now to find in a boat ............ i would say u better have a back up plan for bait ............
  4. stump1601

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    Hey Joe, I actually fish that area at Vicksburg and I dont know if you would have any luck. I do know on the Vicksburg side it is mostly private land and casinos so finding a spot to get to is hard and also no dykes on that side but alot of rocks. If you go on the LA side you can get down to the big sandbar about two miles long from the hwy I am not real sure which road it is but it is possible because I see people picnicing and riding four wheelers all the time. If you can find the right road you might be able to reach the bridge pilings and also if the river is right but the dykes dont start until about another mile down. I have not had any luck the past few times I have been out on the river because they have not fixed the dykes back and some of them arent even there anymore. I dont know what the deal is with the skippies but they have been hard to find and the water is pretty clear down here. I hope this helps you some and if I can help anymore or if you have a question I will be glad to try and help.