Skipjack source in Memphis area?

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    Bigriver et al,
    I'm wondering if you would share your method or source for skipjack. I live in Desoto county. I know that Pickwick has some, but is there any local place to catch them around here? Someone told me that a baitshop in Frayzer has some at times. I guess the fresher the better, but if you are going to store some, what is the best method?
    As you can see, this is pretty much an open end question: "What can you teach me about skipjack in the Memphis Area: source, method, optimum times etc. etc." :confused2:
    I appreciate your time and expertise; any information greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the BOC, Rissell! I don't know about wintertime, but in warmer weather you can often catch them in the swift water off the ends of the rock dikes. I stock up at Pickwick every spring and fill my bait freezer.

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    This time of year is tough. You likely will have to try a steam plant discharge on the TN River. Come spring Pickwick will be your best bet and late in summer you can sometimes catch them like Jerry said on dikes but is hit and miss at best most of the time(especially this past year for me at least).There is a card up in Memphis Net and Twine for a gut selling them but don't know how old or how he freezes them. Method is either sabaki or crappie jigs tied several on a row on your line, throw and reel.
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    Welcome to the BOC Russell, like they said Pickwick is the best, I have caught a few off the wingdams on the Mississippi in warm weather, but they are few and far between.
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    Hey Russell, Welcome to the BOC! Like Roger said, there is a guy who sells them, and his card is at Memphis Net. Pickwick is a good place starting in the spring and this year was still good in August (caught 344 in 5 hrs...2 of us) The steamPlants are good in the wiinter months. Wilson Dam near MuscleShoals Ala is also another good place. Frazier Bait shop sells there frozen whole from about May untill they run out (I think 3.00 a pound) Sams tackle on Jackson Ave also sells skips (there's are cut into small chunks) frozen in plastic bowls. The river skips seem to run real small compared to the BIG ones you catch at the dams.(7-12" normal on river) (15-20"+ at the dams) I personally freeze mine either in zip-lok bags after I try to squeze all the air out or I vacum seal them (but when you catch alot at one time it takes a long time to have them in the freezer and gets REAL expensive, because of the rolls of bags you go through!).
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    A buddy of mine claims he catches them in Orgill lake in Millington when he fishes for Bluegill. He calls them big giant minnows. I have'nt seen them and not sure if they are Shad, Skipjack or maybe just big giant minnows :smile2:.
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    Well, I will offer my 2 cents. I like to catch mine with sabikis, I buy them straight from Hong Kong so they are a lot cheaper and, in my opinion, work better. Sportsman Warehouse sells the Mustad brand of sabiki (hate them) and Bass Pro sells a decent one. They can go for up to $5 a pack and buying them direct from Hong Kong I get 20 packs for about $18.

    I'm by FAR no expert on targeting certain baitfish but from my experience when I fish with a sabiki at Sardis I have the most luck. Usually a mixed bag between Gizzard, Threadfin and Skips but all good bait size. I usually start at the rough water and work my way down. Caught around 50 big ones within 20-30 mins last night.

    If you do fish them at the spillways, just be careful not to use too much weight on the rig. You'll snag it about everytime if you go too big. A small bass sinker works well.

    On another note, sabiki will catch other fish as well so don't go with too light of a line. I have caught cats up to 5lbs on them. Crappie and bream tear em' up! and unfortunately Gar LOVE them! Hope this was helpful to someone.. Like I said, just my 2 cents.. :smile2: