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    sometimes over at markland dam I get lucky, If ya have a boat it greatly increses your chances also once it warms up right before sunset when all the bait fish are are breaking the surface of the water throwing a white curly tail jig pays off sometimes the most that usally brings is 4 or five on a good night if four or five days go by in the summer where the water is clear and the jig doesnt work i will add a spinner to the grub. Buddies of mine have even caught them on worms and a bobber like bluegill fishing but it is always in the evening hours....good luck hope this helps ya Now if ya find a good spot where the big cats are biteing tip me off brother lmao...:big_smile:
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    Rising Sun, IN
    We have filled coolers before at markland dam. We use 2 crappie jigs on a line and sometimes get 2 at a time. But evening or early morning is definately best. I have also seen them run around rocks pretty heavy. Rising Sun, IN is pretty close to cincy (30 minutes) and sometimes they run heavy on the riverbank there, plus there is some great fishing to be had there so might as well head out once u get the skippies.

    I have also seen the running heavy in the mouths of creeks, but those tend to be a little smaller in size.