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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Mickey, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Mickey

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    I have spent the last three weeks having skin cancer removed from my face and neck. One area had to be cut out down to the fat. Other areas were removed by liquid nitrogen (Frozen) This was all caused from many days on the water in the bright sun. It is just catching up with me. After going through all of this, I would strongly recommend all use plenty of cover/and sunscreen. Have any of you had a similar experience or know someone who did?
  2. TennesseeJugger

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    Watertown, Tenn
    No not me but sorry to here about your troubles.

  3. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    I have several friends who have been through what you have just experienced. I dare say my turn will come at some point as much as I have been outside in my life.
    Hope you don't have any long term problems sir...W
  4. rwg

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    Yes, I have had some of the same stuff, I'v had 2 places on my back burnned off and have a circle the size of silver dollarr on my shoulder that about 1/8" deep where they removed it. To much sun as a younger boy woking outside and fishing, Iwear a long sleveshirt now even when its hot
  5. bedbug jr

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    Hey Mickey, sorry to hear about your problems and hope you recover quickly. Unfortunately we all write checks when we're young that we often have to cash in our later years. Stay safe and prayers are with you!!!:wink:
  6. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    My mama has had the nitrogen freeze for several spots. Hope you get by this quickly, Mickey.

    Bill in SC
  7. whiteriver

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    Mickey; As with all your brothers I am sadden to hear your report. I am keeping you in my thoughts and hope you have many more years of posting ahead of you. The site would no be the same without MICKEY having a post or two on most of the interesting threads. Hang in there my friend and keep us posted. whiteriver
  8. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Sorry to here this Mickey. Hope they got it all and it don't come back. A friend of mine has been thru a procees twice where they put some kind of stuff on it that makes it scab up and supposed to kill it. He has a very bad case of it and can't seem to get rid of it.
  9. Mac-b

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    Mickey, my wife is a retired nurse and she schedules me a check up for skin cancer every year. I have had two to five spots on my face and head frozen or cut out every year and two places on my chest removed in the past twenty years. Your recommendations are good, plus it would be advisable for everyone that works or plays outdoors to go to a Dermatologist every year or so..
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  10. restorerancientiron

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    Cadiz, KY
    Sorry to hear that my friend.A friend and co-worker of mine has had to get spots removed by both procedures seems like on a yearly basis.He has had to get several spots removed from his front of his face,back of his neck, tops of his ears and even his arms.He never had any bad side effects though or nothing like that.He is an older man and he stays on my case when I come in all red from fishing.
    Thanks for sharing Mickey I know because of him I now wear the spt30 and above while fishing and try to put in on often.
  11. Salthart

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    North Carolina
    Micky, When I was a kid I lived my summers at the local pool from 8-5 six days a week. I have never had trouble till just a month or so ago when I had to have a couple of moles removed that I had had all my life but all at once started growing.

    Biopsys came back clear but I have to wonder.

    I hope this is a done deal for you my friend.
  12. olefin

    olefin New Member

    Mickey, I've had many pre-cancerous places froze off over the last few years and a couple that were cut out but both tested benign.

    I see my skin doc every year. Sometimes he wants me to come back in 6 months. My back is covered almost solid with ugly black spots that have appeared in the last 10 years. He says they're no problem, only look bad. I saw him last week and he froze 5 places on my face, top of head and ear.

    Wife is having the same problem.. we go in to see the skin together. He cut one off her ear and though it was cancer but the test came back benign.

    At work, about 45 years ago, I froze a wart off my thumb with -45 degree liquid propylene... didn't have any liquid N2 so that was the next best. It worked, that wart fell off in a few days and never came back. :smile2:

    You're so right about using sun screen. I can remember as a kid driving a tractor all day in west TX sun without a shirt. Hadn't never heard of sun screen back then.

    Good luck and hope you have no more.
  13. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Thanks Mac. I agree with your tip on an annual check up with a Dermatologist. I have always worn a cap and shirt but it apparently didn't help my face and ears. The place that surprised me the most is the lower throat area. This is the one they had to cut to the fat. A person may think their beating the system but it will catch up with you.
  14. greg

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    GA/ Ia
    My whole family has problems with skin cancer so I go to my dermatoligist 2 times a year. I have had 2 places that were of concern to him so he gave me a cream to use on any places that look suspect. Nasty stuff but better than the alternative.
  15. plainsman

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    Thanks for mentioning this, it don't show up right away thats for sure. A friend of mine had parts cut off years ago, my Dad had a bunch cut off and another friend who used to like to sunbathe had a few cut off a few years ago. It was 30 years ago that he laid in the sun. I had some stuff cut off years ago but it was ok, and still have a couple spots on my back that bother once in awhile, I was sunburned pretty bad a couple times as a kid. 35 years or so ago I began to be careful, but got 1 stage away from pre cancer on my forehead when I was taking medication long ago. I reckon I been lucky so far but it could always get bad.
  16. catwhisper

    catwhisper New Member

    Mickey, hate to hear of you cancer. i had a little bump looked like a pimple come up about a year ago and within two weeks it was growing. the doc cut it out and sent it off and it came back malignant. he said he thought he got all of it but it might come back. about two weeks ago another little bump came up within a half inch of where he cut me. now it is growing again so i know what i got to do now. my wife encourgages me to wear sunscreen and i do when i think about but forget alot too! cancer runs in my family so i really have to monitor myself. thank God for giving doctors brains to help us.
  17. justcallme12

    justcallme12 New Member

    Mickey, My dad has had several spots removed on his forehead, temple area and sideburn area. I believe they gave him some type of acidic cream to remove them. Personally I have to wear the sunscreen. Being born a redhead with fair skin and freckles is a must for me. I also stay away from tanning beds....period!! I do hope all works in your favor.
  18. bw69r

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    West Newton, PA
    your in my thoughts and prayers Mickey.
  19. PaJay-p

    PaJay-p Guest

    All of the best to you Mickey.Incredible things are being done evryday medically. Keep your head up and be strong you can beat it.
  20. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    Heres a set of before and after shots of a skin cancer they tried to freeze of in may or june, and it didn't do the Job as you can see in the first Pic, the second pic was just taken a couple minutes ago of the burning job they just completed Monday.

    By the looks of it, they should have got it all this time, Don't you think?:eek:oooh: Man it was sizzeling and smoking and smelt like skin burning after hot steel / Alum slag lands on your skin while welding overhead without leathers on.:crazy: I didn't think he was ever going to stop..

    I have to call in march to set up a follow up appointment to see what the autopsy report comes back, and let them look at it again.I'm praying it gone and I'll be praying for you as well Mickey:wink:

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