Skilled Pilots

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    Those are some amazing plane jockeys! I can see how this could be possible as long as the water is relatively flat. Those boys have some big cojones!!!

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    We once had a local crop duster who was noted for snagging the Soybean plants he was dusting on his wheels.When he crashed after years of flying,the Gov.investigators found that he had never had a license.His pilot training consisted of the owner of a plane for sale showing him how to take off and land the plane.He purchased the plane.He then wobbled off the field alone and flew it home.He crop dusted for years with a plane that was not made to carry the load,nor the stress of crop dusting.The world was lucky that he crashed alone while diving the plane jokingly at a employ.I enjoyed the photo's and the memory of my uncles Best Friend.peewee-williams
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    That is neat, those guys are great pilots.

    I spent my summers when I was 15 and 16 loading my cousins crop duster. He would land on the dirt roads, to save flying back to the air field. I drove his truck loaded with the dust. His wheels were always green from hitting the cotton plants.