Skiatook Lake Blues

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    Been going into withdrawal lately cause of the high lake water levels. I normaly fish at Kaw and the Cimmaron off of Keystone but thats not gonna happen for a few more weeks. I needed a fix so I went to the only lake around here that I could launch my boat. When I went to the ramp at Hominy Landing on Skiatook lake I met a friend that I haven't ran into in a long time. He told me that Skiatook does have Blue cat even though the wildlife dept doesn't list them as a specie in the lake. Well I have now made a total of three trips and found the fishing to be pretty decent. Not as good as Kaw but still not bad. I made two of those trips at night to get away from the heat. Been fishing some mud flats with shad. Nothing real big. Biggest was 14 but there seems to be plenty of them. I found that Hominy Landing seems to be the best because it offers plenty of cover and flats. So if your looking for a lake to get into this might be an option. I think all the ramps are functional and the lake is not as high as some of the others.
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    I wish it were a little closer to Miami, we haven't been doing very well up in our neck of the woods. Grand lake has backed up the Neosho and Spring Rivers. The only place we been able to put a boat in is on Spring River right off Highway 10. If the lake doesn't start dropping soon I think I'll go crazy. When the rivers back up from the lake fishing usually is not that good.

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    It's the fishing that counts... not so much emphasis on the catching. The Arkansas River here at Webbers Falls has fallen to within 3 feet of normal, and the blues are hungry!

    Be careful, the sandbars have moved. I ran my boat aground in the middle of the river last night... the sandbar had moved in where the water used to be about 12 feet deep... before the 2007 flood. Good thing I was traveling slowly, looking for logs.
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    Good news!!!

    I haven't had any luck at skiatook, but hope to change that soon.
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    Wondering how the cats and crappie are biting?