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    Well I have finally cleared up the backlog of business after 12 days in Colo skiing,so a few comments might be appropriate.You have all heard that old fish tale "You should have been here last week,cause they was biting like crazy"? Finally I was there last week,:smile2: and it snowed every day and night.Fresh powder every morning as much as 13 inches on two occasions!!!!:big_smile:YAHOO,if you ski you know what I'm talking about.I'm happy to say I have perfected my Snow Bunny attracting technique to a level heretofor not seen!!!:wink:I simply wait til no one is looking then fall to the snow, covering myself with fresh powder and lay there and look helpless!!!!Inevitably some cute bunnies will come by and want to "help" that poor old man that fell down.HEHEHEHEHEHEHE little do they know.Of course after being helped I cant do less than offer to buy my rescuers a drink at the lodge which usually leads to dinner and elsewhere.Thats why it takes me a few days to recover :smile2::cool2::wink:,WHAT you didnt think it was the skiing did you.One word of caution,DONT allow yourself to be rescued by Australians of either sex!!!!!!!Those folks party seriously and oh by the way also ski.After they keep you up until 5am they promptly knock on your door at 6 am and announce, "Its time to ski old boy ,you dont want to lay a bed all day do you?"Yes not yes, but HELL yes, I want to stay in bed.!!!!If you have let one of the female members infiltrate inside your condo there is nothing to do but get up and go,your only hope is if they are on the other side of the door.They usually already have a drink in hand at 6am and it aint orange juice.Fun folks though,IF you live.:tounge_out::wink:On the plane on the way back there were four soldiers on their way to Afghanistan.They were immediately upgraded to first class at the gate and after we landed and everyone was gathering their junk out of the overheads,the flight attendant called attention to them and thanked them for their service.EVERYONE on the plane stopped doing what they were doing and started applauding ,cheering ,whistling and went forward to shake their hands and thank them personnally.Having been a Vietnam soldiers it quite frankly brought tears to my eyes to see the outpouring of love ,which I see everywhere I go.If I mention to someone on a lift that I was stationed in Colo or that I retired from the Army they all thank me or shake my hand in appreciation.It is so wonderful to see the love affair that Americans have with their troops.We may not like the war or support it but there is no question that we support our servicemen and women.As the father of a soldier currently in Iraq along with my daughter in law I want to thank all of you here on the BOC for your support for the troops.You might not be able to see the result but I can tell you it means everything to them!!!Tonys son Erik is back and next month Paul,Jon and Sonya will be returning thank God.Cant wait til next ski season when all of us can go together although I may have to tone down my Ski Bunny scene just a little with my daughter in law back:sad2::crazy:.Just kidding.Had a great time,glad to be back home and now its fishing time!!!!!!YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.:smile2::big_smile:
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    Couldn't say it any better brother. Thats what America should be.

    Sounds like a trip to die for (or is that on?).

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    Sounds like you have had a GREAT vacation Jim...(you ol dog!) Just remember, moderation in all things... (except the REALLY REALLY good stuff!)

    I love hearing about people treating our soldiers with the love and respect they deserve. Those men and women in uniform deserve nothing less.

    This week I got to welcome home some of our troops. Watching them step off that plane was an experience that I will never forget. (I'll guess many of them won't forget it either.) I've never been so proud of so many complete strangers! LOL

    Great post Jim, keep em coming.