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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by trnsmsn, Dec 6, 2006.

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    Okay Guys, I've got a question/dilemma.......I tore my skeg off, just about flush with the lower unit:sad2: .

    Can a new one be fabricated & welded on w/o disassembling the lower unit ?. I'm worried about the seals being damaged from the welding heat:roll_eyes:
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    I would say yes but I would go to a professional shop.If you look in the back of the Florida Sportsman magazine you should find ads for pro shops that can do this for you.Marine fabricators,rebuild shops etc.You could use a SKEGARD if enough of the skeg is left to fasten it to.A pro shop will take the lower unit off and disassemble it so they wont damage anything .Good luck:smile2:

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    I had the same problem awhile back, except there was some of the old skeg still attached. Everyone I talked to said the lower unit would have to come off to get a good weld.
    After hearing the prices, even of the Skeg Guard, I made my own from a piece of 5/8" aluminum. Looks rednecky as all getout, but it works.
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    Eliot, I repaired one of my motors, a 15hp Mariner, but I disassembled the gearcase first. The heat may not be enough to damage the seals, properly done, but you may need to drain the oil. I had broken the skeg off, and welded it back without disassembling, but it didn't take too well and broke off again later. Cast aluminum is somewhat porous and soaks up a lot of contaminants, and some brands seem to weld better than others (I have weld-repaired aluminum props for folks, and the difference is obvious there). The second time, I disassembled the foot and soaked it in solvent overnight, then in soapy water, etc. to clean the pores as well as possible. I then fashioned a new skeg section from aluminum to match the old one, and with careful preheating, etc. welded the new one on, and a number of years later, it is still in place. You can't look at the motor and tell it has been replaced.
    My point is that I would recommend taking it to a shop that has access to a really skilled tig welder. Good Luck with the repair.
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    I'd agree with Tom. I've messed a few props over the years, and finally made something like Macs river runner. I hit a reef with my new Honda, and had to put something on it. I came up with a new design that is still on there. Stainless steel sandwich. I think that in your case... (pardon the pun)... you dont have much to attach to ....I think... My buddy put on the store bought on his boat. $100 plus . I'd say that your probably going to have to have it welded on. As mentioned... cast alum is tricky stuff to work with....