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    Fellas,I was wondering if your skeg was a specific kind/type of aluminum.I did a little damage to mine and was gonna weld a piece back to it.Just trying to find out exactly what type its made from.Thanks sam. 2000 model johnson 70
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    Sorry, I wouldn't know that technical of stuff pertaining to welding.
    However, I use to have a "Mac's River Runner" on my motor, till somebody decided they wanted it more than I did. When they broke it off, they took over half the skeg with them. I asked around about getting it welded. Mucho $$$, mostly because they all said the lower unit had to be removed & disassembled first. Me, I'm not into beauty when it comes to catfish boats, so I adapted. Took two plates of 1/2 aluminum and shaped them out, then drilled & bolted them to each side of the old skeg. Believe me, not pretty. However, they have be quite functional over the last 4 years.

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    Dale Miller
    Have welded on plenty of new/replacement skags in the past for a boat repair shop next door to our weld shop, always just used a peace of 1/4'' alum plate, any 5000 series will do, keep the gear housing cool with some wet rags, cooled in a bucket of water, in between short welds, have welded them broke of at the gear housing, a long time ago we were given by the boat repair shop that we weld the skags for, a cast replacement peace that was pre shaped to look like the original , have no idea were he got them:confused2: I wouldn't worry to much of what alloy to use
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    Depending on the amount of damage, or to prevent more in the future, you may want to just buy a bolt on skeg guard. It kind of does what kutter described, except it probably looks a little better :smile2: .
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    The lowers are made out of cast aluminum. You can buy replacement weld on skegs. They are actually pretty cheap, around $20 or so. Google "weld on skeg" and you will find plenty of places that sell them. You can cut out the part that you need and weld it in yours or cut yours off and weld the replacement one on. Or just get a skeg guard to put over it like mentioned.